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Traumatic events are an integral part of life.

Even if those events are over quickly, our experience of them is not.

From a thoughtless hurtful comment to a major life trauma – a whole range of unpleasant life experiences remain etched in our memories and it is these memories that are the source of many of our problems.

They re-create our pain from the backgrounds of our minds, affecting our behaviour and causing a vast spectrum of post traumatic conditions.

New techniques allow us to gently and effectively resolve the memories.

This frees our bodies from many symptoms, enables us to feel new meaning in our experiences, and find true peace with the past.


Cathryn's role as The Memory Whisperer is founded upon her ability to expertly lead her clients through this process. She has successfully and PERMANENTLY RESOLVED the painful memories associated with all categories of trauma, from smaller life events with intense personal meaning, to the more obvious traumas, such as neglect, assault, abuse, bereavement, suicide, divorce, rape, accidents, abortion, stillbirth ,and many more.

Please note: the techniques Cathryn uses are leading edge techniques that do not include any hypnotherapy, trance or autosuggestion. The client is at all times awake and consciously participating in what is a very gentle, safe and relaxing process.

Cathryn Deyn B.Sc AAMET
Holistic trauma specialist